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Milan City: Lighting design by A2A using OxyTech software. The inovative market leader in lighting design tools! LITESTAR Project is a collection of products and services for lighting design that aims at satisfying the light project management requirements for all the various Partners such as manufacturers of luminaires and lamps, but also corporations and large public companies, designers and installers, lighting designers and specialized retailers and wholesalers of electrical goods. Software LITESTAR, the core of the LITESTAR Project, is a suite of 3 main modules:
  • Litecalc for lighting calculations, rendering and interface with CAD systems
  • Liswin, the interactive electronic catalog
  • Lisman, the management system for project documentation and specifications and 2 modules for data management:
  • Photowin, for photometric data management
  • Lisdat, for catalog data management
It is completed by 2 separate accessory modules:
  • LisWEB, for visualizing catalog data via WEB
  • FDB+MDB WEB for automatic data download via WEB
  • Goniophotometers
  • Luxmeters
  • Assistance
  • Consultancy
  • Courses
  • Laboratory

10 Good Reasons…

  1. LITESTAR is not only a calculation program but also a powerful instrument for the marketing and management of all project phases
  2. An easy-to-use program, it has been designed in accordance with the most advanced regulations worldwide
  3. It includes a procedure to integrate calculation and extremely high level photographic rendering, based on the revolutionary, cutting-edge Photon Mapping method which takes the place of the old Radiosity method
  4. The open file program is configurable according to the requirements of the users, thus allowing them to insert their own data, whether photometric or catalog, completely independently
  5. It has an Internet-computer Drag&Drop data update system via the WebCatalogs or by means of advanced parametric Cross-Search functions, created exclusively by OxyTech
  6. It manages the manufacturers' catalogs of luminous sources and lighting devices, allowing the addition of price lists, also in different currencies
  7. The technical data sheets, product specifications and printouts produced can be configured or customized according to requirements
  8. All photometry types in different formats (IES, Eulumdat, Cibse …) can be managed both in import and in export and visualized according to the highest standards
  9. It is used by hundreds of professionals all over the world for realizing lighting installations for interiors, roads, tunnels and sports facilities where international events are held
  10. It is available in 21 languages

Lighting Design Software Suite

LITESTAR 4D is the system for lighting design that allows the design of interior and exterior areas (generic areas, sports areas, roads, tunnels) and the management of photometric and commercial documentation that makes the work of lighting professionals simple and efficient.

Lighting Design Services

OxyTech has 2 laboratories in the world capable of producing any kind of photometric and color measurements on conventional or LED luminaires....

Lighting Design Hardware

The Goniophotometer T1 with device to turn the light source is a highly precise photometer for the measurement of light distributions of luminaires and lamps…

Lighting Design Software

Lighting design software, electronic catalogue and much more!…