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OSLO Optical Design Software

Key Photonics Ltd is an established company supply good quality optical components and lighting design software, which has become very relevant in today’s LED lighting requirements. We offer a free consultation service to determine your exacting needs.






Tracepro Light Pipe design article in LED Professional: LED Professional April 2014

Example of light pipe design

Example of light pipe design

Watch a live demonstration of TracePro below:



December 2013 Webinar Photo Realistic Rendering

New OSLO optical design software brochure.

Discover the interesting aspects of this powerful easy to use software – as used by NASA!

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As we are an independent company we choose only the best suppliers to represent and we can provide a dedicated service to our customers and suppliers. Our main product lines include laser marking systems, electro-optic devices (such as Pockels cells and drivers), optics/optical sub-assemblies, opto-mechanical hardware and now optical design software. We pride ourselves on not only supplying the best products, but also providing the best possible service. Where possible we source from the UK.

It is our aim to provide our customers with the most suitable source for their requirements so if you cant find what you are looking for on our site please contact us.

Key Photonics are the official distributors for Lambda Research Corporations powerful optical design Software package – OSLO and Illumination and Opto-mechanical design software - TracePro for LED lighting design plus much more!



Free 30 day trial and free OSLO limited to 10 surfaces (OSLO-EDU) available!



Pockels Cells

Pockels cell BBO 1150



Electro Optics


Pockels cells are manufactured by FastPulse Technology, Inc. Lasermetrics Division, who have over 40 years experience manufacturing the highest quality devices on the market.Including: KD*P, BBO and RTP Pockels Cells Key Photonics offers the production of a wide range of custom optical assemblies. We work with a number of quality assured manufacturers in various countries to make sure you receive the best quality, price and delivery.Including: Optical Systems, Microstructures and  Standard Optical Components from Preceision Optics Gera (POG) GmbH Germany. The Electo-optic devices we supply are manufactured by FastPulse Technology, Inc. Lasermetrics Division.They integrate Electro-Optic crystal devices with high voltage, nanosecond switching time electronic drivers to provide convenient, highly reliable optical switching systems for regenerative amplifiers, Q-switching and optical chopping applications.

Laser Marking


Opto-Mechanical Components


Advanced Optical Components


Our lasers have unique features such as very small heads and high speed, making them ideal for integration and marking metal products on production lines and marking characters, barcodes or 2D Matrix codes at speeds of up to 130m/min (see the new ES Code Laser).Including: Fibre Lasers and Co2 Lasers We have an extensive range of high stability opto-mechanical products at very competitive prices and fast delivery.Including: Vibration Isolation Tables, Optical Component Holders, Translation Stages and Motorised Positioners. Our supplier FISBA OPTIK offers complex and sophisticated optical solutions regardless of whether you require conventional micro optics, micro optics for laser beam shaping.Such as: fast axis collimation lenses (FAC), FISBA Beam Twister™ (FBT), slow axis collimation lenses (SAC) or other micro-optical arrays, aspheres, porro prisms or special coatings.

Light Sources


Diode Lasers

Diode laser

Optical Design Service


Broadband light source for scientists & engineers needing high power light directed through a fibre optic cable Laser Diodes, manufactured in the UK -  from 635nm up to 1640nm, can provide a comprehensive range of output powers for many industrial, educational, and scientific applications. Key Photonics provide complete mechanical and optical design from initial concept through to manufacturing, all based in Cambridgeshire, UK.

Illumination Analysis & Optical Design Software


Lighting Design Software and Services


We provide and support Lambda Research Corporations powerful optical design software:OSLO for lens system design and optimisation and TracePro for modeling and analyzing the propagation of light in imaging and non-imaging optical and opto-mechanical systems. Everything required for designing lighting: software, photometric services and hardware for making photometric measurements. From the leading Italian manufacture – OxyTech Call or email today for a free consultation with one of our optical design team.